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Wu Hsin - No Other to Each Other

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With No Other to Each Other, Wu Hsin raises the bar. No longer content to speak about the transcendent, he now addresses the immanent, clarifying that it is included in the transcendent.

Very early into Scroll One: Being Needs No Proof, Wu Hsin explains:

The sage is mysterious. For such a one, identification has ended. He has found everything Where there is nothing. He sees the essential fullness Without using his eyes and Distinguishes between Being and beings While realizing that there is no need to Deny the many in order to affirm the One. His is an unbroken awareness of ‘I’. He lives in a paradoxical locale, In the absence of anything present and In the absence of anything absent. Beyond yet infinitely near, Where each is both, Wholly in the one and wholly in the other, At the same time; Where there is no other to each other, Where the center is everywhere, Where one plus one equals one Where emptiness and fullness have no difference and Where inside and outside, Where immanence and transcendence are reconciled. He declares: I am phenomenal absence, But the phenomenal manifestation appears as my Self and I experience the world through Me.

Such a view provides a resolution of the seeming incompatibility between the One and the many that has plagued philosophers since the beginnings of philosophy. It reminds one of the analogy of the fire and its sparks: the sparks that come off of a fire are both the same as that fire and different from it. They are the same insofar as they came from the fire, and are constituted by the same substance as fire. But they are also distinguishable from the original fire, as occupying a separate point in space.
That-Which-Is contains both distinction and unity, substance and attribute, universal and particular, whole and parts, all the while maintaining the integrity of Identity immanent within differences.
Scroll Two: The Declaration of Numinous Primacy is essentially an Upanishad. In it, Wu Hsin tackles the impossible, the expression of the ineffable.
He concludes with:
That about which nothing can be said, Wu Hsin has now spoken. The Final Understanding is An intuitive apperception that In every moment of every day, All that is happening is that You are looking into a mirror. There is a singular totality of which Subjectivity and Objectivity are its twin aspects. The Subjective aspect looks out Onto the Objective aspect. The Transcendent is experiencing The Immanent via embodiment, Experiencing the coincidence of Difference and sameness, Fitting together as seamlessly as The well-made lid fits into its matching box. Even the sense of being is a Mere season in the Timeless. However, at the base, There always already is a Numinous Individuum.

Thus, on the basis of his meditative direct insight, Wu Hsin celebrates the Absolute or the True Infinite that is the informing principle in all things.

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