Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Scott Kiloby - Reflections

If the story of you is a thought-based, time-bound illusion, the natural tendency is to devise ways to be free of it. Many spiritual practices are undertaken in the name of getting rid of the ego. But only the story of you would be interested in getting rid of the story of you. The entire movement to “get rid of” or “be free of” ego is a movement towards future. Whenever there is effort towards future, the time-bound story is running the show. The cycle of seeking continues….

In discovering that the movement towards future awakening is just more bondage to the time-bound ego, the possibility for a timeless seeing arises. This timeless seeing emanates from awareness, which cannot be sought in the future because it is what is awake right now. Future is merely a thought arising in it. It can be quite a blow to the time-bound story to realize that all its grand plans for future enlightenment are just self-centered thought patterns. In those patterns, the underlying plot is, “When will my enlightenment arrive?”

‘Your’ enlightenment will never arrive. No time-bound story ever reaches enlightenment. Enlightenment is realized to be the timeless awareness that sees the time-bound story arising and falling. In that effortless noticing, the story is seen to be a dream that was never real. There is nothing to get rid of. Only that seeing is needed.

~ Scott Kiloby | Read more: http://bit.ly/1zvNEAh

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