Monday, November 17, 2014

Eric Gross - Enlightenment: You’re Already Here

Enlightenment: before you know it (aka think about it), you’ve already arrived.
Wanting or needing to be enlightened is always a response to suffering. We suffer and we want something to reduce our suffering or, even better, end our suffering forever.

So in marches Buddhism with its complex dogma and philosophy and it’s requirement to meditate an hour a day (at least). In marches Christianity with all of its rules that, if followed, you get an eternity in heaven.

The only reason religion exists is to deal with our fears.

But once you’re fearless, you don’t need religion. The issue was never about suffering, per se, it was always about fear.

Fear is so powerful in our psyches and is so deeply embedded in our “self-structure” that we are no longer aware of its constant presence. Underneath all of our striving lies fear.
Fear is like a bad smell. We notice it at first, but after a while, we don’t notice it at all. This existential fear, this bad smell, rules our lives.

So instead of resolving the only issue that matters, to discover what we truly are, we have rules. Rules how to be a good little boy and girl. Rules about how to meditate. Rules about how to get to heaven. Rules and more rules. You just can’t have enough rules. The more rules the better.

So we get to work on this broken down self by following a whole book of rules (many books actually) and if we just work hard enough we’ll finally get this self thing in good shape. It’s a matter of work and diligence. This is the message of fear. It is our constant boss.

But it “don’t” work that way.

We are already perfect. We are always perfect and if that doesn’t sound correct to you, then you’re confused about who and what you are.

Sailor Bob Adamson said, “What’s wrong with right now, unless you think about it?” I began this post with my own take on his phrase, “You’ve already arrived before you know (think) about it.” Feel that now. See that you’ve arrived. You’re here before you can realize it!

This is really a very simple, but persistent problem. Since we think we are the “me” thought, the only tool that is available to our search is more thought. Thought loves thought. And this is why seeking ultimately hits a totally dead-end. It can’t be resolved by thought. Thinking can only take one so far.

We need to take a leap of faith and depart the vessel of thought (which is also a thought).

Just notice that you’re already here and what is already here is what you already are. What could be simpler than that?

There’s just no getting around here. The “me” thought will say, “but, but, but, but, but …”. But all of those “buts” arise here and here is what you and I are.

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