Saturday, November 8, 2014

Chuck Surface - A Lover Cannot Be “Convinced”

 A Lover cannot be convinced, lawyerly,
That “Consciousness is all there is”,
Or any such thing…

Nor do they care.

A physics “debate” on the nature of “reality”,
However diamond-like the exposition,
However seemingly irrefutable…

Is a spoonful of dirt in a Lover's mouth.

A Lover desires the Wine of Longing,
The Intoxication of Dissolution,
The Rapture of Union…

Not a dissertation that seeks to “prove”.

They do not seek knowledge… “about”,
From the mind of another,
But the Direct Experience “of”…

In the immediacy of Existence, Now.

The knowledge of those who came before,
Debated among 10,000 schools,
Is valued only to the extent that it serves…

The Blossoming of the Heart, Now.

A Lover longs for wordless Benediction,
Not a “convincing” construct of logic and reason,
Leading to a “conclusion” of the mind…

A half-empty glass of tepid water.

The mind-bound declare this a childish emotionalism,
The stance of those unable to comprehend,
Born of a wounded need for psychological healing…

A dualistic View for the simple-minded.

But the Lover, too, uses discernment and discrimination,
Only discarding them when their purpose is served,
Words, concepts, and logical constructs…

Having reached the end of their utility.

There, they revel, instead,
In Wordless Wonder of the Unknowable,
And speak of that which cannot be spoken of…

The Ineffable Sublimity of the Great Mystery.

A Love not by Lover given,
Or from Beloved received,

The end of Lover and Beloved.

In which the “meaning” of the word “Love” Vanishes,
And only Experience remains,
An Experience had, but by no one, of… 

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