Monday, October 13, 2014

Randall Friend - Perfect, whole and complete

You are perfect, whole and complete right this very instant. You are the whole itself, Being itself, watching a show in which you are the entire canvas, you are the entire cast - you are literally looking at your Self in everything.
We are seeking something that is already present, already the case. It's as if we held a diamond in our hand while we dig for pennies. Gold itself, taking itself as a mere chain, seeks to find out the truth of this elusive essence called Gold. By what means can Gold find Gold? It can only BE what it already IS - there is no reaching itself through any method.
There is an expression - you can't see the forest for the trees. You're focused on each tree and missing the forest, which is already the case. Each tree IS forest, in expression. Each tree is a manifestation of forest - the collection of trees we call "forest". Each thing IS the whole in expression - but we've given each "thing" an independence of existence. We say it came into existence - we think of "things" this way - this very concept is the obstacle - this way of thinking of reality.
A "thing" is the product of something - it cannot have an independent existence. That is critical to see. It cannot have an independent existence. When we see this, we realize that NOTHING can have independent existence - that existence isn't something that comes in individual parts. Existence IS - all "things" are an expression OF existence or whatever you want to call THAT which IS.
Something IS - that "something" is unformed - undefinable - it takes shape as the tree and the wave and the thought and the body and the supernova. When you see a "thing" you are seeing the whole itself, in expression, yes? You are seeing a form-ation or pattern OF something that exists. That "something" is presently manifesting AS THAT "thing". The present configuration of atoms gives the appearance of that "thing" and we are fooled by that because that's ALL WE KNOW! That's what we SEE, therefore that's how we form our concept of reality.
That "something" also takes shape as this organism, which has the capacity of Consciousness. Through that capacity, this "something" is now aware, aware of its own presence, aware of its existence. Yet the mind, the filter through which this "something" is aware, tells a story of independent existence. It tells a story of this presence as a "Someone" - a someone who came into existence independently - a someone who will, someday, cease to exist.
Maybe that mind, through inquiry or seeking or hardship or grace or some other means, realizes the simple and obvious fact that existence was never and could never be actually divided. If that happens the house of cards crumbles - the façade of individuality is shattered. That organism continues to function yet that filter has fallen away. The trees still sway in the wind but that mind only ever sees the forest in each tree.
That "Something", that Essence that you are, remains as it ever was.
Life - fooled by its own shadow - is seeking to find itself because it takes itself as only a small, insignificant, limited and temporary thing. What an amazing thing that - whether or not it ever realizes what it truly is - it never really is limited, temporary or small.
YOU are that, right this very instant. There is nothing you need to do to reach it or become it. Nothing in the world needs to change - all that may happen is that the mind may realize its mistake.
You remain as you ever are. Perfect, whole and complete.

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