Sunday, October 19, 2014

Magdi Em Be - Intimacy

Art Intao

Since the un-awakened mind is worldly and operates in the field of form and duality, it is unable to comprehend total 'intimacy': the total 'intimacy' of the perceived object and the perceiver, the total intimacy of phenomena and consciousness.
It is in the death or dissolution of the dualistic mind that total intimacy is revealed. There is no other way.

Once total intimacy is revealed, and once the realization of this intimacy has matured and uprooted all the vasanas of separation, then one can talk metaphorically and poetically ... lovingly expressing the divine.

The mind and the external world are a dream and the characters in the dream are dream characters that are made out of the dreamer ... YOU: Aware awake consciousness, universal and vibrantly alive.
YOU, as consciousness, are not a dream. YOU are Reality, pure consciousness dreaming all dreams. The one and only Reality. Right here, right now, YOU ... aware awake consciousness, read these words, that are made out of yourself.

Once you come to this deep understanding, you will dream sweet dreams, bathed in peace and happiness.

YOU, as consciousness can choose that path. You, as a dream character chooses nothing.
The dream character is imagined, dreamt by consciousness. Only consciousness is Real.

Once YOU, consciousness, release the dream character from its imagined choices, you return to the true chooser, the true creator.
But if you continue to feed the dream character with independent choosing capability, you remain entangled in the dream, hoping the dream character will deliver freedom and happiness.

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