Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jean Klein - Don't live in restriction!

Q. "When you are no longer identified with the person, how is life affected?" 

A. The first thing you notice is how much richer and deeper your perceptions are. Communication becomes so much more varied. Generally, we are fixed in patterns of communication but when we live in openness a great sensitivity arises, a sensitivity we never dreamed of.
When we approach our surroundings from wholeness our whole structure comes alive. We do not hear mucic with our ears only. When the ears cease to grasp sound for themselves we feel music with the whole body, the colour, the form, the vibration. It no longer belongs to a specific organ. It belongs to our whole being. This creates a deep humilty, an innocence.
Only in humility is true communication possible. Then one lives in a completely new dimension. To live as a personality is to live in restriction. Don't live in restriction! Let the personality live in you. In living in the environment without separation there is a great, great beauty"

Jean Klein - "Who am I?" page 3-4


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