Monday, September 8, 2014

Arjuna Ardagh - The Mutuality Of Wakefulness

I am not a guru.
I have no interest in Gurus
I am not interested at all.
I am passionately interested in
mutuality in wakefulness...
That we can sit together as friends,
you and I,
and lay all our cards on the table.
I'm sure you have your difficulties in life;
you have your emotions...
People have difficulties with money,
relationships and health.
I've got the same stuff too.
And all of that is floating
In the great mystery.
We share it all.
I know many of the contemporary teachers,
having become a kind of teacher myself,
having been asked by Papaji
to represent the truth.
I would never have done this
if he hadn't insisted.
But he did.
So now I get to know other people who teach,
both on his behalf, and others.
And everyone is the same, I tell you.
It may look different
because when someone's sitting giving Satsang
they don't always talk a lot
about their own life;
they talk the truth.
But I tell you,
scratch into the surface;
get to know people behind the scenes.
Everyone is the same.
Look at relationships,
everybody goes through the same stuff.
When there's not enough money,
everyone lives through the same concerns.
When the body gets sick,
everybody has the same kind of experience.
It's called being a human being.
There's nothing wrong with it.
Common to all this sea of humanity,
there is something underneath,
which is who you are already,
who we all already are.
It doesn't require achieving anything
or changing your relationship to anything.

Papaji has been my sweetheart.
He is the one who blew the whistle
on the whole game.
But then he had the grace
and the compassion
to let me see him as a human being.
I lived for a period in his house;
I had breakfast with him in the morning.
I went to see him in Satsang.
Then we'd go back and have lunch,
and I realized this guy had every emotion
that I didn't accept in myself,
and more than that.
Every thought,
every kind of prejudice
that I thought was so terrible
in myself,
he demonstrated it to me too.
But what I noticed about him was...
the tendency to make it wrong
never arose in him.
So if anger came in him,
It would come,
pass through;
and it would disappear
and leave no trace.

This ended up being the greatest teaching.

I have had so many teachers,
so many great enlightened ones,
sitting on a podium,
with cameras pointing,
doing that whole guru number.
And what did that create in me?

Then I met him.
Many people wanted to create
a mega-guru situation for him too.
He refused until the last short period.
Fifty years he refused.
He was simple, ordinary.
Such compassion in that...
because it bursts all your expectations.
In his profound ordinariness,
in his getting upset with things.
I realized that his being awake
has nothing to do
with which kind of emotions arise
or which kind of thoughts come.
It only has to do with
leaving it all alone,
letting it be in its natural simplicity.
Although many people were shocked
by how ordinary he let himself be,
if you could really relax into seeing it,
it would be more liberating
than any other teaching could be.
Because finally his ordinariness,
his ordinary humanity
was the greatest teaching.

Leave yourself alone.
When you can let your teacher
be ordinary and have bad moods,
you can let yourself be ordinary
and have bad moods too.

This letting yourself be
Allows you to relax into
Simple sanity. 

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