Friday, August 1, 2014

Taya Malakian - Kali

I am the one in the mask,
in the dark.
My feet buried deep in the earth
my hands covered in the grit.
I am the one who has no fear
of the blood, sweat, tears
of this world
for I am painted with them all.
I take all your suffering in with each breath
and I transmute it back into the light
that it is.
I see only truth
so your lies,
your fears,
your insecurities
mean nothing to me.
I am the one who penetrates
through your dreams of chaos
to show you what you will not see.
I am the one who ignites
the fire within you that burns
away illusion
and guides you through the night.
That deep howl inside of you
that wants to sing your truth
is the language that I speak in.
And the vast silence of the infinite
is the space in which I hear.

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