Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Larry Davis - Poems


When time brings its own message
That the way to truth is there,
The feeling is not to be found
The sight cannot be sought.
The void of time and thought
Brings its own clarity
The way is not there, not here
It is all things, every moment.
The joy of finding it
The bliss of knowing it
Dissolves into infinity
Along with the seeker.
Beyond all knowing and seeing
Where self cannot reach,
Living in the still void
We exist for all time.


Common love is an illusion,
It wants us to possess that which gives us pleasure,
It tells us to pursue the object of our desire,
It does not see beyond itself.
True love has no object, no goal:
It is just love.
The love where there is no "me"
and "you" is the rest of humanity.
Love that is not borne of self
Touches everything and yet nothing in particular.
This all-encompassing love
Frees us from the confines of self.
Once set free we can travel,
Protected from the harshness of life
Carried along on the wings of love
We consume ourselves in its wondrous flame.


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