Saturday, July 12, 2014

Chuck Surface - When “This” and “That” have Vanished

“Thou art That” they say.
“That” within which all perceptions arise.
“Neti, neti.” they say.
Not this, not this... but only That.

Such a compassionate lie, a loving deceit.
For thou art not simply That, but This, as well.
Both, and neither, of course.
For where does “This”, that I Am, begin and end?

That which is revealed when identity with form vanishes,
When “you” dissolve like a salt doll into the Ocean of Being,
And Vanish into and as the Unalloyed Ecstasy of Heaven,
Is not simply the vapid descriptions so often proffered.

Not simply peace, love, truth, beauty, joy, or happiness. Not simply psychological, emotional, or energetic quiescence,
Not simply feeling yourself as "That" within which all arises,
Not simply feeling yourself expanded as all that arises within “That”.

There are no words to express the Unalloyed Ecstasy of Being.
It can only be spoken, Heart to Heart, where Silent, Unmoving Shiva,
Bursts, Singing, into the Dance of Creation,
Where one Hears Silence, and Moves in Stillness.

Formless Shiva is manifest Shakti,
Heaven Shines into, and as, Earth,
Lover and Beloved are One,
And formless Atman Shines, unobscured, into and as, Creation. 

When “This” and “That” have Vanished,
When you can dance with the sirens,
Without wrecking upon the rocks of Maya,
Then follow the Perfume, oh Shiva, to your Beloved Shakti.

There, where She arises from You, as You,
Where Lover and Beloved become One…
Die there, unto Life, at the Beginning and End of all things,
And Live as the Absolute, Unalloyed, Ecstasy of Pure Being. 

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