Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Anamika - A clear view

This message can never be understood with words.
It is not an intellectual grasping.
It is in fact the end  of all grasping of all wanting to get of wanting to understand 
The end of trying  to reach something somewhere some place some state

And it is the end of the feeling that something is wrong or missing or of lack of something out of place
It is arriving home. A place we lost sight of looking for something else.
The search and the grasping, the looking for completion and fulfillment are inherent to being identified with the contracted energy we have mistakenly called me.
The place we never left is the true sense of I which shines already through the stories which thoughts and emotions are spinning.
This place which is a placeless place, home,   is our felt sense of who we are.
And on top of this open emptiness has accumulated over the years layer after layer of labels, conditioning ideas, beliefs which because we give them credence,  have condensed into an energetic construction.
A clear view will reveal this erroneous assumption.
Oneness looking for Itself 

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