Sunday, June 1, 2014

Chuck Surface - The very Dance of Shiva and Shakti

I have experience the vanishing of time, space and myself,
And found that even without being alive, I Lived.
Without space in which anything could appear,
Without time in which anything could be perceived,
Still... I existed, prior to the arising of... any thing.
In that Nothingness prior to any thing,
I am Fullness.
Not that which is alive,
But Life Itself.
I Am.

Neither the perceiver,
Nor that perceived.
For both exist in and as me.
Perceiver, perceived, and perceiving,
I Am.

And here, now, in this Dream of space, time, and infinite objects,
Pure Being exists as me, thinking, moving, speaking, writing.
The Radiance of that Pure Sun shines, even in the Dream of form.
The Water of Life pours like a river into this manifest form,
From that Ocean of Satchitananda.

Intoxicating, dissolving the sense of embodiment.
Flowing from the Heart like waves, flooding the Experience of Being.
Shining from the Heart like the Radiance of the sun,
Into space and time, as space and time,
Touching everything, being everything.

The Infinite that I Am does not refer to space.
The Eternal that I Am does not refer to time.
The Infinite and Eternal that I Am
Exist where space and time have never existed.
But from which, in which, as which, everything arises into existence.

The Joy that I Am has no Sorrow as its counterpoint.
This Joy exists where both joy and sorrow have never existed,
In timeless, spaceless, objectless Being,
The Pure Joy of Satchitananda.
Open-eyed Samadhi, here in manifestation.

Space and time arise within me, as me.
This dream of endless objects, this Lila,
This Dance, arises within me, as me.
This Radiance shines from me, into me, as me.
All that has been, all that is, all that will be, I Am.

This "I" that is written of does not refer to "me",
But to all who Are, and all that Is.
The very Dance of Shiva and Shakti.
The Lover and the Beloved dancing as two,
Embracing as One.

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