Friday, June 13, 2014

Bentinho Massaro - Life is happening - So Let it!

Quite literally, everything we know just happens.
We can of course pretend for a while to be the doer
of all of the happenings in our personal life,
but if you look closely to each moment anew,
with an open mind, a fresh perception,
then you will see how everything that happens,
literally does just that: It happens.
It appears. It disappears.
Even when we believe ourselves to be the doer of something,
even when we are in the very act of doing something
using our thoughts/intentions and body,
when we become aware of it in that moment,
we will see how even that which we call 'doing'
is simply happening as an effortlessly appearing phenomenal process
within ever-clear awareness.
There is no effort in any appearance of Life.
Life does not know effort.
Life simply happens naturally and effortlessly,
Effort is that which we mentally 'feel'
when we separate our sense of self
from the actual experience and start thinking
about the experience from a distance.
It‟s only when we believe ourselves to be the doer of our life,
that we feel the effort, stress, and fear
that come with being a manager of everything.

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