Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rupert Spira - Let go...

Whatever is not present right now is not worthy of the name ‘love’ and is likewise not worthy of our desire. Forget it. Whatever is not present now, even if it is one day found will, by definition, one day disappear.

Why go for something temporary? It can never fulfil you. Let go of everything that can be let go of – and anything that appears and disappears can be let go of – including all your, my and everyone else’s ideas about love.

In fact, as soon as we look for what is present, it is gone! We cannot focus on or even think about what is truly present. We can only think about an object, about the past, about the future. In other words, we can only think of a thought.

Thought can never know or find the one thing that it almost constantly seeks. It can only dissolve in it. Thinking dies as it turns towards love, like a moth in a flame.

Ironically, the one thing that is sought in all intimate relationships is this death of the sense of oneself as a separate entity. The longing for love in intimacy is the longing for this death, and if one shares this love with an apparent other in an intimate relationship, that apparent other will shine as a beacon of love and light in one’s life. However, that is not necessary. This light and love are shining in all experience.

The true object of all desire is only this death.

Let the mind dissolve in the understanding that it simply cannot go to the place of love and yet, like a fish in the ocean searching for water, it is already swimming in it.

Let everything pass by. Remember William Blake: “He who binds himself to a joy does the winged life destroy.”

The ‘winged life’ is love itself. It is apparently destroyed by our looking for it as an object, by ‘binding’ ourself to an object, which means to the past or the future.

Let go, let go, let go. Let your tears be the river into which everything you know is offered up, all your longing, everything.

Someone once asked Mother Meera if it was okay to offer everything to God or whether only positive things should be offered and she replied, “A child offers its mother a snail, a stick or a stone; the mother doesn’t care what is offered; she is just happy to have been remembered.”

Offer everything. The love you seek is all that will remain behind.

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(Taken from 'Presence, Vol. 2, The Intimacy of All Experience', published by Non-Duality Press, 2011)
Rupert Spira

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