Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jeff Foster - Everyday Enlightenment the root of a lifetime of seeking was always the assumption that life wasn't complete, that there was an individual separate from the Whole, that Oneness was out there and not here, that it existed in the so-called 'future'. And out of this assumption, in a million different ways the individual tried to reach completion, and turned to drink or drugs or meditation, but really it was all just a manifestation of the same desire: the desire to return to the Source. But of course the individual could never find the Source, because the individual was already a perfect expression of the Source. That's why the seeking can, and does, go on for a lifetime. 
What we're looking for is already staring us in the face, but we can't see it, because we're too busy looking for it! 
~ Jeff Foster 

From: 'Everyday Enlightenment: Seven Stories of Awakening' 

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