Friday, April 18, 2014

Roy Melvyn - Veiling

To discern what you are, you must remove those things that constitute your property since you cannot be your possessions. These include, your body, your mind, your intellect, your feelings and opinions, all material property and all roles that you have assumed.
What then remains?
You are and you know that you are. Knowing Presence.
With birth, three states begin to cycle and function. They are the non-experiential state of deep sleep, the experiential state of waking and dream and Knowingness Itself. The first two appear on the third.
Lucid clarity is not something that you have to bring about. It is what already is but has been overlooked.
Attention, peace, and silence seem to have been lost when one becomes otherwise engaged. Merely check and see if it is really so.
All there is is this Conscious Life Energy and the functioning of Its manifestation. Any movement away from that is veering off course. I cannot stress this enough. If this is the sole takeaway from our time together, it is sufficient.
Everything else: every "me" and every other than "me", every second and third person pronoun, is an exercise by the human brain to bring a sense of order, via the creation of narratives, to all the data that is coming in.
These narratives and your active involvement with them is the veiling that must be lifted.
All that having been said, I'll now turn to your questions:

Q: This idea of enlightenment is frightening to me. Being nothing feels like falling into an abyss.
R: I understand. Rather than being nothing, frame enlightenment as being everything. Then, you are the abyss also. What is there now to fear?

Q: Is there destiny?
R: There is purpose; everything has its purpose. You may call it destiny, but it distorts the actuality.

Q: I have been mediating for more than a decade trying to create a peaceful state of mind. But all the disturbances continue. Is meditation overrated?
R: Trying to create a peaceful state of mind in fact disturbs the inherent peace that is already within you. There is a silence that is present before, during and after all noise. Its discernment is the goal of meditation.

Q: Are life and being the same?
R: There may be no life in dead material, but there is Being in it. In that way, Being is prior to life and not conditional on it.

Q: Can everything be boiled down to experience?
R: No. Enlightenment, birth and death are the three events that cannot be considered to be experiences because there is no one there when they occur.

Q: Why is there evil in the world?
R: I could answer that there is no evil other than a label which you assign. But I recognize that there isn't much solace in that.
So let's say that there is evil so that goodness can be recognized and sought after. Without knowing sour, how could you know sweetness? 

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