Monday, April 28, 2014

Roy Melvyn - Seeking the End of Seeking

“Pursuit of Becoming.
What is this? Its three components are:
1. Ignoring what you innately are
2. Erroneously believing what you are not
3. Chasing some future attainment to correct #2.
This is ignorance. When I speak of ignorance,
I don’t refer to an absence of knowledge or to stupidity.
I refer to a condition of ignoring.
As such, when we ignore what is closer to us than our next thought,
we are ignorant.
All efforts toward becoming are movements away from what already is present. In which direction must you walk to get to Here?
What is the distance ?
How much time is required to get to Now?
As one begins to see that one is constantly reinforcing the image of being something in particular, a movement away from the reinforcing is initiated.
You begin to understand that you cannot live in full presence
while planning for some future arrival.
How can we talk about your arrival when, in fact, you are the destination? Movement then begins back from the periphery, with its particular point of view, towards the center and clarity.”

Roy Melvyn  Here

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