Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nobody's notes - Goosebumps All Over

Hi N,
So I realized something yesterday and hopefully I can articulate it in a way that makes sense.

The ego isn’t actually our thoughts and emotions, but the false “I” or person that clings to and identifies with these thoughts and emotions in order to keep itself alive. But then, when you witness a thought that passes through, and you feel yourself clinging to it, and you ask yourself “Who is it that clings to this thought? Is there someone actually there?” you realize that there’s no one actually there that identifies with any of it. It’s just thought and emotion passing through and this whole time I thought there was a real person identifying with these thoughts and emotions, or that I WAS these thoughts and emotions, but when you try to see who identifies with them you realize there isn’t anyone there.

When you stop identifying yourself as your thoughts and instead try to see who associates itself with them you realize there is nothing left for you to identify yourself with, other than emptiness. So there’s literally nothing left to identify with when you try and see who is it that identifies with thought and emotion that passes through on its own. Because for the most part the thought and emotion comes and goes before I even have a chance to notice it or catch it happening. It’s there and gone so quickly and then it moves on to another thought, so how can that really be me?
After I realized this yesterday it seems like I kept going in and out of my mind and when I was out of my mind, just witnessing it and asking if someone’s actually there, I kept feeling ripples of goosebumps all over.
- G

Very well articulated. 

There is no one.
There is no seeker. There is no finder. There is nothing lost and there is nothing to be found. All there is, is emptiness, silence, God. You are That.
Life happens in this emptiness. Thoughts arise in this emptiness and pass into this emptiness. You are This Emptiness. You always were. You always will be.
Relax your efforts now to articulate, to discuss, to analyze your realization. Don’t bring it back down to the level of the thinking mind. Writing it out in your email has served you, and writing will probably serve you more at a later time, but for now, go deep into this emptiness. Don’t worry about how you are going to speak about it. Dive in, head first.
I’m reading Bernadette Roberts at the moment. Here’s something of relevance for you:

“The secret of allowing an insight to become a permanent way of knowing and seeing is not to touch it, cling to it, dogmatize it, or even think about it. Insights come and go, but to have them stay we have to flow with them, otherwise no change is possible.”

Flow with this insight. Relax. Let it unfold as it should, not for you, because there is no you. Let it unfold for Life itself.

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