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The space of your own consciousness is the boundless sky of Shiva-tatva. Every photon of your body is the infinite light of Shiva-tatva. This wondrous world-mirage, this cloud temple in emptiness, this incomprehensible dream of duality, appearing in Shiva just for the sake of play, ecstatic dance, and fullness of love, is none other than the scintillating body of the Goddess, Kundalini Shakti, in all her veils of enchantment. She too is Shiva, and He is She.
Bow down in astonishment, and be whole!

Shiva and Shakti unite as the energies of "Ha" and "Tha," the solar and the lunar forces, in a serpentine double-helix dance around the spine of the human body. Through this dance, they attain union, "Yoga." This is the real meaning and purpose of Hatha Yoga. In the Bhakti tradition, they are Radha and Krishna uniting in the kunj of your heart, under the tree of life, your spine, at the center of the garden of Vrindavan, your sacred body.

In the Christian mystical tradition, this is the garden of the resurrection, where Jesus meets the Magdalene at first light. The Gnostic Gospel of Philip calls this union the sacrament of "the Bridal Chamber." It was the final initiation, the supreme sacrament, where embodied individual offers the whole Magdalenic body-soul to Christ-Consciousness.

Shiva is the unmanifest, uncreated, divine consciousness. He is the silent Witness of creation. Shakti is the manifest garden of creation. She is the sacred body. Shivaratri is their wedding: a merging of subject and object in the bliss of non-duality, where the integrity of the Two is maintained, while their boundaries are out-shined by the light of the One. 

Contrary to the false "advaita" often portrayed by Western teachers, this union is not cool and imperious detachment, but an ecstatic dance.
"For your lips are sweeter than wine, and your name is perfume poured out." ~Song of Solomon 4:10, the Holy Bible. 

"Om Namah Shivaya Guruve Sat Chit Ananda Murtaye!" I bow down to the divine Shiva, the Guru whose light removes darkness, the very form of Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss. 

source: Uradiance

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