Wednesday, February 12, 2014

John Grenafege - pointers

Reflections of the Only

If you really want to know that which is your own eternal true natural Self, first show you are worthy of that grace by being silent and refusing to continue being owned by a thought stream of delusion. Stop being so easily transfixed by the continual lies of a mind, truly non-existent outside of the very words and language which contain it! Mind and its fleeting ‘isness’ and reality, are only when the words appear and are accepted as truth belonging to someone. And that ‘someone’ needs to continually be re-enforced by the story that’s nurtured over and over again in our tragically addicted need to remember a past, while projecting a future ― resulting in never really knowing true life or love at all. There is no other time when it will be more right to know the truth of your own Beingness.

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