Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jean Klein - Simply aware

Don’t project an idea of reality, of freedom, be simply aware of the facts of your existence without wanting change. Seeing things in this way will bring you to a state of deep relaxation both physical and psychological.
Being it is proof. But I can tell you how to discover it. So trust me! It will be secondhand information at first but don’t remain in belief. Make it your own.
You will become aware of a host of energies never dreamed of before. Your relationship with those around you will be perfectly harmonious and you will no longer be seeking a result or expecting anything in return.
There is nothing passive in the not-doing. It is supremely alert, a mental and physical readiness, a whole-hearted welcoming of life as it comes to you.
Be knowingly silent as often as you can and you will no longer fall prey to the desire to be this or that. You will discover in the everyday events of life the meaning behind the fulfillment of the whole, for the ego is totally absent.
Sooner or later, this clarified ego must resort into its essence and homeground which is lucid presence. It only appears when called for and never again steals life for itself.
If the ego is in the slightest way separated from its source, it yearns to find it again. This search comes from the remembrance of unity and plenitude. As every experience emanates from the non-experience which is our real being, the me also bears the scent of its source. This remembering is awakened through those moments of desirelessness and in deep sleep.
“The ego is thus in permanent conflict, at once longing for its own oblivion in oneness and at the same time habitually fighting for its very existence.”

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