Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gilbert Schultz - Seeing.....Presence

Seeing Remains

Seeing is spontaneously happening.
That which is seeing remains invisible.
Everything that is seen appears and disappears without exception, while seeing remains as it is.
You are present and aware.
Do not assign your identity onto anything that is seen, not even onto this body, which you know as your own.
Stay attuned to this spaciousness and remain free and open 
— as THAT which is ‘seeing – knowing’. 
It is NOT conceptual!
You are this light of knowing which is prior to the body and mind.
Some say they can’t see this truth.
It can’t be seen! It is the SEEING!

There is no such thing as ‘Not Seeing’.
All sentient beings are Seeing. It is the very nature of being. 
What is seen is IS-NESS and THIS
does not become anything other than what it IS. 
Ever Fresh and New. Seeing is prior to the form
of any so-called ‘SEER’.
‘You’ can’t stop seeing just like you can’t catch a train that has already left the station. 
Run as fast as you can but you will not catch up with it.
In other words, seeing is the immediacy. The Seer is time bound. 
All the mind’s interpretations are
always ‘after’ the fact. This is happening NOW.
It is not ‘somewhere else’. Everything is IMMEDIATE.
All else is NOT. Yet we cannot affirm nor deny existence for any ‘thing’.
All we know is that ‘I AM’. This wordless presence cannot be negated.
When the seer dissolves into pure seeing, then the journey of deception is over! The seeker is no more!

All there is is SEEING.

If this still does not register clearly with you, then simply acknowledge that seeing is spontaneously


Just — Presence.
You are present and aware.
‘Feel into’ this presence that you are.
Do not imagine anything, just feel into it.
It is not an object, yet it contains all apparent objects.
It is not a subject, yet it contains all apparent subjects.
It has no specific qualities, yet it contains all qualities equally.
Simple presence.
The Ultimate Reality is That.
It is thoughtless, yet it contains all thought.
It is not imaginary, yet it contains all imagination.
“I am Presence and nothing other than That”.

Those are taken from the book
Everything Is Clear and Obvious
e-book version December 2007
Gilbert Schultz

which you can find Here

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