Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Colin Drake - Self Identity – The Key to Spontaneous Living

Discovering one’s actual self-identity, who (or what) we are, is the key to living spontaneously unencumbered by spurious opinions, beliefs, superstitions, prejudices, misconceptions, dislikes, aversions, phobias, neuroses, fears etc… For, until we have investigated reality and discovered our true Self, our view of the world (and all it contains) will tend to be distorted by identifying with ego and self image, and then referring our experiences back to this erroneous identity. This also entails seeing the world through the filter of our likes, dislikes, beliefs, self-interest, self-concern, fears for the future, memories etc…
This means that we do not see the world as it actually is and are thus liable to blunder around in an illusionary mental framework determined by the fictitious story we have fashioned concerning who we are. Not only that but we will also relate to others, about whom we will each have concocted a story, from this mental creation of ourselves. Obviously this will lead to a great deal of misunderstanding and confusion. This also entails regarding oneself as a separate ‘object’, in a universe of such, and thus regarding others in the same way. Which leads to treating them as objects (for that is what we think we are), the outcome of which can be seen in the modern world.


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