Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chuck Surface - Love

José de Madrazo - Divine Love and Profane Love

It was only near the end that I realized,
After so many years,
That all I ever wanted was…

For so long, I lusted for ecstasy,
Or a long lost Shanghri La,
For Heaven,
Or “enlightenment”.

But it was none of these.

When Love, Causeless and Conditionless,
Filled the Serene Emptiness
Left when the felt sense of “i” vanished,
All was Fulfilled.

All was Fulfilled.

I have no need of Samadhis,
Of Ecstasy,
Or "enlightenment".

Nothing can be added,
Nothing taken away,
Here, in the Heart of Being.

The root of suffering vanished in Surrender.
As did heaven and hell,
Enlightenment and bondage…
And the one who would enjoy or suffer. 

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