Friday, January 10, 2014

Wei Wu Wei - You are my 'self'

There is nobody and nothing to be aware of Awareness,
Awareness, I cannot be aware of myself,
For I know no self of which I could be aware.

I am no thing of which to be aware,
As a thing 'you' cannot know awareness,
For 'you' can only be aware as 'I',
When there is no 'me' of which to be aware.

Divided into cognising subject cognising objects,
I cognise all that can be cognised,
Every conceptual thing save what is cognising,
Which, as such, is not conceivable, since it is no thing,
And is no thing, since it is not conceivable.

This is all I am, so simple am I,
Devoid of mystery, majesty, divinity,
Of any attribute whatever.
Being no thing,
How could I have the attribute of any thing?

Why try to glorify me?
I am neither glorious nor not-glorious,
I am neither anything nor nothing,
Neither the presence nor the absence of any thing.
I am this total phenomenal absence
Which is all that phenomenal presence can be.

Then how can I be known?
I cannot.
How can I be experienced?
I cannot.
Only 'God' can be experienced,
And He is my concept, my object.

But when conceptualising is in abeyance,
Time is in abeyance also,
And space, together with all concepts.
Then all that you are I am.
You are my 'self'. I can have no other.

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