Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jami - Who is man?

All that exists in the created universe is illusion, fantasy, reflections in mirrors, or shadows.
But the Sun of Guidance has dawned in the shadow of "Other than God", so be not perplexed in the desert of error!
Who is man? The reflection of the Eternal Light. What is the world? A wave on the Everlasting Sea.
How could the reflection be cut off from the Light? How could the wave be separate from the Sea?
Know that this reflection and this wave are that very Light and Sea, for here duality is impossible, impossible.
Look at the travelers on the Path of Love, how each has a different spiritual state.
The one sees in each atom of the world a Sun radiant and imperishable,
Another directly witnesses in the mirror of existence the beauty of the hidden archetypes,
And a third sees each one in the other, without veiling or defect.

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