Monday, December 16, 2013

Miriam Louisa - Awakening is as simple as this

if you endlessly ponder
your seeming lack of enlightenment
(the proof of;  the reasons for;  the need to overcome)
your life appears to be unenlightened
and is experienced accordingly
if, for one instant, you stop your pondering
the Real is found to be already and always there
(luminous;  changeless;  already perfect)
and your life, in that instant, IS enlightenment
and is experienced accordingly
you don’t need to seek or strive or supplicate
you don’t even need to understand or accept or believe
you just need to slow down
get really quiet
and stop
how cool is that?

in this now place, here
is as simple as this:
look and look again
for the self you take yourself to be
find every self’s substance
to be a reflection
in the mirror-light of looking
and at last
on knees of awe and gratitude
see your True Face

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