Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Vasistha's Yoga

Art  Peggy Kane - Vasistha to Rama

The Play of Infinite Consciousness
In Three Acts


        The Invocation:

        You (Self) dwell in 'me' in a state of equilibrium as pure witness consciousness, without form and without the divisions of time and space.

        Act One:    Creation

        The energy of infinite consciousness (without abandoning its true nature) manifests this creation. First. . .the notion of creation, then light and the division of the universe. As a particle of consciousness moves in space, it does 'there' what it did 'here' earlier; thus the sequence of time arises, as well as spatial distinctions. Then, one after the other, the diverse beings are created.

        Act Two:    Existence

        Seeker (played by infinite consciousness who has 'forgotten' his true nature)

        "Who am I who speaks, walks, stands and functions on this elaborate stage known as the world? I should find this out."

        Sage (played by infinite consciousness)

        "What is is as it is. All this is the wonderful play of the mysterious power of consciousness. Experience this in utter tranquility."   

        Act Three:    Dissolution

        The Seeker (played by infinite consciousness) of its own accord awakens itself to its own true nature. Realizing that all this is nothing but infinite consciousness, it attains equilibrium. Realizing itself as a non-entity, it is reabsorbed in the consciousness of which it is but a thought-emanation.

        Running Time:  One moment

        During that moment itself the illusory notion that it is of very long duration arises


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