Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sai Baba of Shirdi - Ubiquity


 I am formless and everywhere.
I am in everything.
I am in everything and beyond.
I fill all space. All that you see taken together
is Myself- I do not shake or move.
 All that is seen is my form :- ant, fly, prince,
 I am in the water, in dry places, in woods,
amidst crowds, and in the solitary wilderness. I am in
the fire and in ether. I am not limited to any place,
 Feeding the hungry bitch is feeding me.
I have the feeling of my hunger being satisfied, when
hers is satisfied.

Baba to Laxmibai Scindhe :^-I am hungry.

L. S:-Shall I go and bring food?


L. S. then brought food; Baba took nothing from it
and placed the entire plate before a hungry bitch.

L.S:-Baba, why do you do so?

Baba:-Is not the bitch also a Jiva? We talk, bitches
do not. She is hungry; she and I are one and the same,.
It is the same if I eat or she eats.

 I am still belching with the heavy feeding you
gave the dog this morning. I am also in the mire
besmirched pig (that you did not feed, though it came
to you).

To serve me, give up differentiation,
 Sometimes I come as dog, sometimes as pig.
The devotee who recognises me in each form and
treats me adequately is blessed.
 You have been with me eighteen years. Does
"Sai** mean to you only this 34 cubits height of body?
I am in the ant and fly.
Whenever you see this sign, remember that I am 
there and that I can eat food through ants, flies etc. 
« I went as a cat to drink this man's curds to save
him, despite his cussedness. But he beat me to day.
I was the black dog.
I was the sickly sudra. I am in everything, and
I was the fakir who begged of you at Bombay.
I was the spirit you saw at midnight under the tree.
[I am Akkalkote Maharaj.J I gave you Rs. 2, Pitale.

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