Friday, October 18, 2013

John Wheeler - No division

Your fundamental nature is utterly outside of and untouched by any concepts. 
 There is no division in it, in fact. Only concepts (seemingly) divide anything. But concepts are concepts and not true. By projecting a sense of reality, identity or happiness onto concepts, one appears to "take onboard" the divisions projected by them. Seeing concepts as concepts (not true, not what you are), can there be any real division in what you are? See the truth of things. Only concepts can divide. But concepts are not true, so how can there be any real division? Understand this point. Until investigated, it is natural for these notions to grab one's interest. This stuff does not fall into one's lap. It is won by clear understanding and application of the pointers to one's experience. There is no division in your nature, and you are not divided from your nature. Thus, non-division rules the day. Everything else is just concepts. Ideas don't actually divide anything but other ideas. So all sense of division is "smoke and mirrors". Ultimately, reality exists beyond, outside of, or prior to the mind (the conceptual process). This reality is what you actually are. It cannot be defined, grasped or understood in the mind. You can use the mind to think about what you are, but you don't use the mind to BE what you are. There is no harm in using the mind, but you need to understand this critical point. Your real nature is not available IN the mind. Once this is understood, you stop looking for yourself there, and all comes to resolution.



 In 2003, John Wheeler heard the good news from “Sailor” Bob Adamson (who heard the good news from Nisargadatta Maharaj in 1976).

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