Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chuck Surface - “What's that on your breath?”

Deep beneath the foundation of his Home,
Mullah Nazrudin discovered a hidden cellar
Filled to overflowing with…

“Something wonderful”.

Amazed, he found
That upon “drinking”,
More simply appeared!

The intoxication was so deep, so sublime,
He feared friends would think him mad,
And mentioned nothing of the secret hoard.

Until one day a friend, a fellow Lover of “something wonderful”,
Became intoxicated, simply from Nazrudin's breath.
And asked what he'd been drinking.

Soon, other Friends became drunk on Nazrudin's breath,
And all were shown the secret cellar, and invited
To “drink” it all up.

But as soon as a drop was tasted,
More simply appeared!
And more… and more.

Some hoped for “benefit”.
Some imagined a lofty “purpose”,
Some sought to discern the why and wherefore.

But whether benefit was accrued,
Lofty purpose discerned,
Or why and wherefore ascertained,

All such things aside…

Whatever it was that was found,
Was simply…
“Something wonderful”.

It is not Nazrudin's cellar alone, Dear One…

“What's that on your breath?”

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