Saturday, October 19, 2013

Adyashanti - The Way of Liberation



Thought and Freedom from Suffering

There is no such thing as
an absolutely True thought.
(This doesn’t mean that some thoughts are not truer than others, only that no thought is absolutely True.)

What is is what’s happening
before you have a thought about it.
(Notice the difference between what your mind thinks about this moment, and this moment as it is before you have any thought about it.)

Suffering occurs when you
believe in a thought that is at odds with
what is, what was, or what may be.
(Experience this moment free of your mind’s interpretations of it.)

You are not your story.
They are not your story about them.
The world is not your story about the world.

Suffering is how Life tells you
that you are resisting or misperceiving
what is real and true.
It is the way Life suggests that you are not in harmony with what is.

Deeper understanding and insight flow forth from a quiet mind.

To be happy is to
live as the unknown.

All true knowing arises out of the unknown
and is an expression of the unknown.

The Nature of Being

To look within and not find yourself as a self
is the beginning of finding yourself as a presence (being).

Being (or Spirit) is universal
and exists prior to all conditions,
all points of view, all objects of consciousness,
and all subjects as well.

Being is the true nature
of everything.

Being the nature of everything,
there is nothing outside of being.

Being is self-cognizant and aware. Right now!

Being doesn’t explain everything;
being is the true nature of everything.

The only thing that realizes being is being itself.

There is only being living itself
through you, as you, and as all that exists.

Being is unborn and uncreated—
the source and substance of all.

Being is our original condition,
prior to all egoic antics, prior to all thought,
prior to all description,
prior to past, present, and future.

That beingness which is
prior to the world of space and time
is here, now, and always.
It is a single drop of rain, a leaf falling from a tree,
a single heartbeat.
It is the world-less world,
the substance of emptiness.

I AM is pure being.
It is the ultimate confession of Reality
echoing throughout eternity.

The Infinite

Beyond ego is universal being; beyond being is the Infinite.

The Infinite is pure formless potential,
prior to being and non-being, life and death,
form and formlessness.

The Infinite is neither one nor many,
neither dualistic nor nondualistic,
neither worldly nor spiritual,
neither self nor other.

The Infinite knows itself
through a simple intuitive regard it has for itself
in every aspect of itself.
Thus it knows itself as utterly unknowable
and absolutely present.

To realize the Infinite is to lose your inner world.

To lose your inner world is eternal silence.
It is to become the shining.

All is well,
and more well than can be imagined.


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