Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ta-Wan - Just this unknowable way

This best only as a way to realizing and being, wishing for no other way to be the way, than it is looking for what you would otherwise desire to become.
~ ~ ~
There is 'where you are' and 'where you wish to be'. If these are different then you're unhappy.
Happiness is when 'where you are' and 'where you wish to be' are the same.
It is not though to change where you are or what you think, but realize that wishing to be anywhere else causes unhappiness.
Where you are, right now, is unchangeable, so accept where you are and you'll be happy.  Then the future lives on in this happiness.
When you're not looking to be happy, you can only be happy.
Consequently and apparently - happiness is only sought for by the unhappy. A goal of happiness makes the present location, by definition, unhappiness.
~ ~
Then, there is no chooser, no actor to act, to wish for another way or to accept the current way - there is only the way - no actor, no acted.
Just this unknowable way.
What is. Not what would, could or should be.

The apparent solution to all concern is an awakening, enlightenment. Yet it is the very projection of this 'other way/state' that turns the present perfection into imperfection that must be escaped.

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