Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sitara Alaknanda Shakti - Master of the Heart

picture Matilde Berk

 This poem pays great homage to my spiritual journey… marks the return back to myself.  Before I left the States, I had the picture perfect life: A high-paying job in Hollywood, a beautiful 2 floors loft and a fancy car to show off in.  But something was missing. 
 I was not entirely unhappy, as my spiritual practice was strong enough to ground me.  Still, a sense of restlessness was growing.

My Divine Self was knocking incessantly and when I finally answered, my soul reclaimed its power and took flight. 

I finally chose me and it was the most rewarding experience of my life.  ~In bliss, Sitara~

I was living separately
The Madman came and took me
He propelled me to such elevating heights
And dropped me to such bottomless depths
Then Genuine of the Soul
Spoke to me so loudly
My senses started to blur
And I could no longer be just a body
Before it all, there was the One Word
Before me, there is the One Word
I bow at the feet of the Only
And I follow It resolutely
I forsake the here and there
And find myself dwelling in the Great Void
So when I look into your eyes
I can honestly say I in the I
No longer an exodus from my own kind
The Master of the Heart finally came for me
Together we proclaim unity
Together we are the Divine's infinite potentiality

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