Sunday, September 15, 2013

Anadi - The teaching of spiritual wholeness


A spiritual teaching that is not a reflection of pure truth can either oversimplify that which is complex in nature, due to not being able to see or grasp this complexity, or can complicate that which is fundamentally simple, due to not being able to see or grasp that simplicity.  The ongoing evolution of this teaching is based on complete devotion to represent the truth as it is, with absolute honesty and penetrating intelligence; when it is complex, to show that complexity in its deepest, most secret detail; when it is simple, to show that naked simplicity free from the faults of the mind.   
To follow this teaching is a journey into the unknown.  One does not have the false security of following a perception of reality or concept of the spiritual path which is already set.  This teaching is a constant revelation, an unfoldment of truth into the future, yet more complete understanding.  Anadi is not a teacher who expounds  past knowledge, whether of other traditions or his own; he is an open door for the truth to move through him into this dimension.  His constant inquiry into the nature of reality is not a function of mind but of pure intelligence and love. 
Anadi describes the inner world and each step on the path with unbelievable precision and practicality.  Nothing here is abstract or theoretical; everything is just to the point, absolutely concrete and experiential.
Where others remain silent in the face of not having the tools to describe the realms beyond the mind, other than using clichés or empty poetry, is where this teaching begins. 

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