Friday, September 13, 2013

Adyashanti - Center

The nature of experience is that it changes or undulates like the waves on the ocean. It’s supposed to be doing that. Identity starts to shift from “me,” the seeker, chasing some particular experience, to just this. Just this. The center is always right here. The center always was right here. It’s just the seeker that insisted the center could be in the spiritual high experience. But as the seeker dissolves, then right here is where every instant is the center. It’s motionless right here. And you can be having a very ordinary, a very unhappy, or a very extraordinary emotional and psychological experience, and still the center is right here. And only from here does it begin to dawn that everything is an expression of the center. Everything. There is no expression that is more the truth than any other expression. There is no experience that is more the truth than any other experience because, in the center of it all, there is no seeker. Right here, there is nothing. All is One.

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