Saturday, August 10, 2013

Randall Friend - Whole reality

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No words can approach it – no concept can grasp it.  It cannot be realized for it is the truth beyond the realiz-er.  It only IS.  What we know is the expression OF that IS-ness, right here and now.  It isn’t something other than, something different, some source which produces a result outside of itself.

This is about pure reality – not an achievement of anything but the dumbstruck realization that reality is already whole, already full, complete, perfect, not divided, not separated.

To talk about it we must talk of Consciousness, that capacity by which the world is known, a world which isn’t something other than that pure reality but is that pure reality in expression, known because of that capacity called Consciousness.

Therefore it has never been the individual who knows a world – the individual is an abstraction of that pure reality, a useful concept which, when taken literally, asserts that reality is a hodgepodge of finite existences, with the individual just one insignificant piece.  The “one who knows” the so-called “world” is not that individual for the individual is something known.  The one who knows is the One itself, the very intelligence or reality which IS that world of appearance, an appearance OF that reality, an appearance which is only available due to the unique gift we call Consciousness.

When that Consciousness ends, the world ends.  The world IS that Consciousness, the moving colors of a kaleidoscope, the kaleidoscope being both the subjective tool of measurement and the objective result of looking – this truly is the meaning of nonduality – the two aren’t brought together but the apparent two are realized to have always been one reality, one truth, one wholeness.

True spirituality is about self-knowledge.  Self-knowledge isn’t the achievement of high-flown spiritual states and experiences, but is the falling away of ignorance, the falling away of false beliefs and assumptions about what you are, the certainty that you are the whole, the pure reality itself, the Absolute.

This realization comes full circle when the Absolute and the apparent are known to be the same – the apparent isn’t rejected, it is known to be the same thing, the same reality.  The apparent or relative or “samsara” if you will – this apparent reality of things isn’t pushed away, no conditions are placed upon it.  It is simply known to be not other than that whole reality itself – it is simply allowed to be whatever it will be, naturally.  There is no effort to allow but just an ease that what IS will appear as it will appear and nothing is fundamentally  happening anyway.  It is one event-less event, one happening, one IS-ness.

You are that already.  Nothing needs to be done to make that so.  It is either realized or it is not.  Even the realization takes place in the relative and is ultimately meaningless.

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