Saturday, August 10, 2013

Binavi Badakhshani - I became water

Once the light came
and bathed me in Truth,
I gave up all
planning and plotting.
If you wish
to find transcendence,
leave your little self behind
and realize
that your true self
is the essence of God.

I became water
and saw myself
a mirage
became an ocean
I saw myself a fleck
of foam
gained Awareness
I saw that all is but
woke up
and found myself

Binavi Badakhshani 
Afghanistan (13th Century)

Little is known of Binavi Badakshani, including when he lived (the dates used here are a guess). An early account states that he was a Sufi, initiated by his own father. From his name, it is assumed that he was from Badakhshan in Afghanistan. 

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