Monday, July 15, 2013

Niutou Farong - Song of the Mind

        The nature of the mind is non-arising,
        What need is there of knowledge and views?
        Originally there is not a single dharma;
        Why discuss inspiration and training?

        Coming and going without beginning;
        Sought for, it is not seen.
        No need to do anything;
        It is bright, still, self-apparent.

        The past is like empty space;
        Know anything and the
        Basic principle is lost,
        Casting a clear light on the world,
        Illuminating, yet obscured.

        If one-mindedness is impeded,
        All dharmas are misunderstood.
        Coming and going thus,
        Is there need for thorough investigation?

        Arising without the mark of arising,
        Arising and illumination are the same.
        Desiring to purify the mind,
        There is no mind for effort.

        Spontaneous wisdom
        Throughout time and space
        Nothing is illuminated;
        This is most profound.
        Knowing dharmas is non-knowing;
        Non-knowing is knowing the essential.

        Using the mind to maintain quietude,
        Birth and death forgotten;
        This is original nature.

        The highest principle cannot be explained;
        It is neither free nor bound.
        Lively and attuned to everything,
        It is always right before you.

        There is nothing in front of you;
        Nothing, yet everything is as usual.
        Do not belabor wisdom to examine it;
        Substance itself is empty and obscure.

        Thoughts arise and pass away,
        The preceding no different from the succeeding.
        If the succeeding thought does not arise,
        The preceding thought cuts itself off.

        In past, present, and future,
        There is nothing;
        No mind, no buddha.
        Sentient beings are without mind;
        Out of no-mind they manifest.

        Distinguishing between profane and sacred,
        Their vexations flourish.
        Splitting hairs deviates from the eternal.
        Seeking the real, you give up the true.

        Discarding both is the cure,
        Transparent, bright, pure.
        No need for hard work or skill;
        Keep to the actions of an infant.

        Clearly knowing,
        The net of views increases
        Stillness without seeing,
        Not moving in a dark room.

        Wakeful without wandering,
        The mind is tranquil yet bright.
        All phenomena are real and eternal,
        Profuse, yet of a single form.

        Going, coming, sitting, standing,
        Don't attach to anything.
        Affirming no direction,
        Can there be leaving or entering?

        There is neither unifying nor dispersing,
        Neither slow nor quick.
        Brightness and tranquility are
        Just as they are.
        They cannot be explained in words.

        Mind is without alienation;
        No need to terminate lust.
        Nature being empty, lust will
        Depart by itself.
        Allow the mind to float and sink.

        Neither clear nor clouded,
        Neither shallow nor deep.
        Originally it was not ancient;
        At present it is not modern.

        Now it is non-abiding;
        Now it is original mind.
        Originally it did not exist;
        "Origin" is the present moment.

        Bodhi has always existed;
        No need to preserve it.
        Vexation has never existed,
        No need to eliminate it.

        Natural wisdom is self-illuminating;
        All dharmas return to thusness.
        There is no returning, no receiving;
        Stop contemplating, forget keeping.

Wisdom from the Zen Classic Xin Ming"
        Translated by Master Sheng Yen

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