Tuesday, July 30, 2013

F J Alexander - 'In the Hours of Meditation'(excerpt)

"There are hours when one forgets the
world. There are hours when one
approaches that region of blessedness in
which the soul is Self-contained and in the
presence of the Highest. Then is silenced
all clamouring of desire ; all sound of
sense is stilled. Only God IS.

There is no holier sanctuary than a
purified mind, a mind concentrated upon
God. There is no more sacred place than
the region of peace into which the mind
enters when it becomes fixed in the Lord.
No more sweet-odorous and holy incense
is there than the rising of thought unto God.

Purity, bliss, blessedness, peace !
Purity, bliss, blessedness, peace ! These
make up the atmosphere of the state of

The spiritual consciousness dawns in
these silent, sacred hours. The soul Is
close to its source. The streamlet of
personality expands in these hours, becoming 
a mighty, swift-moving river, flowing
in the direction of that true and permanent
individuality which is the Oceanic
Consciousness of God. And this is one
and only.

In the hours of meditation the soul
draws from On High those true qualifications 
which are of its nature fearlessness,
the sense of reality, the sense of deathlessness.

Draw within thy Self, O soul ! Seek
thou the silent hour with truth. Know
thou thy Self to be of the substance of
truth, the substance of divinity ! Verily
within the heart doth God dwell !

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