Monday, June 24, 2013

Tiruvalluvar - Realization

Of the folly which takes the unreal for real
Comes the wretchedness of birth.

The pure of vision undeluded
Shall taste radiant joy.

To those freed of doubt and clear
More than earth is Heaven near.

Where a sense of the Real is lacking,
The other five senses are useless.

The mark of wisdom is to see the reality
Behind each appearance.

Those who have learnt to see the reality here
Will have learnt not to come back here.

Reality once searched and seized
No need to think of rebirth.

Wisdom is that rare realization
Which removes the folly of rebirth.

To one who clings and does not cling
Clinging ills will not cling.

Where lust, wrath and delusion are unknown
Sorrow shall not be.

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