Sunday, June 9, 2013

Timothy Conway - THE "TRUTH" OF WHAT IS"


There is only Awareness—Spirit, the One Self, God, Tao, Buddha-nature, Allah, etc.

And "Thou art That" (Chandogya Upanishad, VI.viii.7).

Awareness is That which is right now looking through your eyes, hearing through your ears, touching, smelling, tasting, thinking, etc., and Awareness is also That which is currently manifesting as all that you sense or think. It is who you really are, and what everything essentially is. The universe of body-minds is Its dream-play, Its imaginary projection, which is beginningless and is manifest on a number of "planes" or "levels" of being, as the human, animal, plant, and rock levels, the hell, ghost, demon, angel, and god levels. There is no satisfaction inherent in this universe (on whatever level, even heaven, which is still structured in terms of the subject-object alienated polarity, and which is an impermanent abode from which individual ego-souls must return to work out their karma on the human level).

There is satisfaction only in Awareness, which subsumes and transcends all levels, and which is absolute bliss, peace, and well-being.

One cannot know, perceive, find, or grasp Awareness as an object of experience, since it is not an object, but the eternal subject, or, better to say, that which subsumes and transcends the subject-object polarity. One can only be Awareness, abide or remain as Awareness, and not be ignorantly identified with any of its projections (the dream-objects of Awareness, such as thoughts, percepts, memories, plans, fears, desires, emotions).

Pure Awareness, sans identifications, happens when:

1) there is no sense of separation between a "me, over here" and a "you (it, them) out there"—that is to say, when all is intuited as the nondual Self/Being/Awareness;

2) whatever happens in the field of awareness is perfectly OK and loved as the [poignant manifestation of the One] God-Self;

3) one's behavior is spontaneous, free of ego-deliberation and hesitancy; and

4) there is no more identification with arising desires or fears, likes or dislikes, attractions or aversions.

So just abide as pure Awareness.

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