Friday, June 28, 2013

Jeannie Zandi – All of This for Nothing

Was I always so 
luscious? Did I gleam and 
ripple, without adornment, like 
the sparkling sea? 
Every cell in my body 
dancing! Shining 
from the inside with 
a light that comes from 

Pinned to the moment 
like a butterfly, no longer anywhere 
else to go. Candle flickering inside 
my heart, breath of my child 
breathing me. Heart 
thickly laden with invisible fruit, joy 
beaming from my eyes.

Something broke inside, something laid down, 
exhausted from the struggle, and 
died. Whatever I gave 
myself to then has flowered 
inside and 
taken over, turning 
my home into night sky.

I cannot tell 
you, where I have gone, 
where I am going. As the darkness 
took me, the road disappeared 
behind, and ahead, 

Only walking through now and always 
now. All of this 
for nothing! With the entire universe 
inside me, I have stopped 
asking anyone 

for anything.

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