Thursday, May 9, 2013

Satsang with Jac O'Keefe

Satsang with Jac O'Keefe

Jac: Is there anybody here who's totally new to satsang ? No ? All veterans ? Okay then. We'll go straight for it.

Just drop on the inside, whatever that means for you. Don't think about it. Just drop on the inside and let it be okay to have nothing going on. Mind will grab a thought - oh it's boring, something should be happening, I should be saying something, I should be someplace, I forgot to make a phone call. It's all bonkum. Including anything I can say now. Do you use the work bonkum ? No ? Okay, rubbish. Because it's already too late. The moment that a mouth is open there is a concept and the chances are something is investing in the concept, something is believing in it, bingo we're out in the world, out in me, my, mine and pain will follow. Is it okay for there to be nothing happening ? Because liberation seems to have been set up in a context that our Western mind is used to - It's a goal, it's a target. There will be brownie points when I get there. Let's blow up the bubble because the show is over. It's not another way of living or experiencing or it's not another state. It's just what you are. And everything else is seen to have been nothing anyway. What you thought you were wasn't real anyway. So it's more that the show is over. But there seems to be this movie called creation still going on a bit. But you're not really caught in it cause it's not about you, you were never in it. So is it really okay to have the show over ? If the question arises feel free to ask. Silence is fine too. At some point the questions will stop. They haven't started yet but they mightn't start and that's okay too. But at some point the questions will stop in whatever you feel is your mind. And it's not that you come to the end of all the answers that are possible. It's just that questions are seen as more distraction. A prolonging of that belief that there is something to fix, something to work out, something to analyze, something to put to bed someplace. Not so. Seeing that it's all just futile and just running round and round about. That's about as clear as it's going to get.

Whatever might be yet to let go of, yet to be healed, yet to get closure on - you don't need closure on anything. Nothing needs to be healed, nothing needs to be resolved. Nothing. No passions or habits need to be broken. It's just mind giving you something else that you might have believed to be true in order to keep the show going. It's a great trick. And while you hear this you might think –I don't really want it so and that's what stops liberation, that's what keeps it out there. You think you want it, but you don't. One wants the show to continue. To experiencing the highs and lows except when pain comes and then you want out but you can't pick and choose. The idea of who you think you are is still running or it's not. There's not a designer option. What you really are is never involved in creation anyway and doesn't know a thing about it because there are not two. There isn't what you are and the created world. There isn't even one actually. One is one too many too. One is one too many. So now we're left with nothing again.

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