Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mooji - Nothingness

image source Mebilia

With this body, you have the experience of time, taste, smell, touch — the taste of otherness, of beauty.
But I want you to come deeper in, beyond the field of phenomena.
Your attention was going out through the senses.
Now we press the reverse button.
Make a U-turn and come inside as far as you can go but carry nothing with you.
Now, behind the facade of the body, go past emotions, feelings, thoughts.
Dive deeper and deeper inside, bypassing everything …
family, education, culture, conditioning, self-image.
Very good. Now come even more inside…
Still, come past silence, come in more.
Bring your attention back to confirm the place beyond which you cannot go. Be here.
And now what happens….
Don’t just look with eyes, look with heart also.
Look with the fullness of yourself.
‘Here there is Nothing,’ you say!
And I ask: Is there anything behind nothing?
What perceives nothing itself?
Not easy questions, but they are our questions.
The human being must go through one door after another, and each and every door closes behind him until he comes here.
Now you are here… Inside the inside itself.
You are this nothingness itself experiencing itself beyond duality.
Rare is a human being who allows himself to come so purely back to base.
Not base camp … Just Base…

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