Friday, May 31, 2013

Eric Gross - Awakening’s Invitation

Awakening has nothing to do with action.
Awakening has nothing to do with changing one’s thoughts or feelings.
Awakening has nothing to do with self-improvement.
Awakening has nothing to do with knowing anything about anything.

So if you’re relying on any action, you are wasting time. This is the mere spinning of wheels and the spinning of these wheels mezmerizes ego. It is ego.

Awakening is see the futility of all of that.

When the full futility of all of that is seen, we can find peace and contentment in every moment.

This is the secret. Discover what is behind every phenomena, every thought, every feeling and every situation, for it is there waiting for you to re-disover it. It waits for all of us there.

Know that you can’t know!

Know that every action you take is a false one.

Instead find the peace that is present prior to any action, any thought and any feeling.

Find that peace and be free in all circumstances, for it is always present.

That lifeline you have sought is right here.

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