Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chuck Surface - This Sankalpa

This Sankalpa

My desire is for your Happiness,
Whatever your state,
Whatever your understanding,
Whatever the view du jour.

This desire, this… Sankalpa,
Transcends conditionality,
All else being simply…
Dream Chatter.

There have forever been,
And will forever be,
A thousand voices,
Saying a thousand things.

A thousand teachers,
Teaching a thousand paths,
Gaining attention, for a time,
As you meander the marketplace.

A thousand views expressed,
A thousand descriptions offered,
A thousand ways pointed,
With certitude and authority.

Listen, don't listen,
Follow, don't follow,
I care not.
This Sankalpa remains.

Agree, disagree,
Hold this view, hold that,
Come or go,
This Sankalpa endures.

Wander far,
Taking warmth in counsel fires,
Of a thousand tribes,
This sankalpa follows.

My words,
My View,
My Way,
Have nothing to do with “Truth”.

Take them only,
As a Drunken Friend's slurring,
With one intention only…

This Sankalpa.

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