Saturday, May 18, 2013

Aja - The truth of who you are


The truth of who you are is infinitely more profound, yet is only accessed by letting go of all ideas of who you are now - ALL of them. And the conceptions and ideas themselves are nearly infinite in their number and subtlety. This is what makes Awakening so difficult. As long as you have any idea or mental conception of who you are, you are yourself holding the pattern in the field of consciousness that maintains that belief existence. And if you try to let go of the beliefs one by one, you will first find that they are infinite, and secondly that the very idea of someone letting go of their beliefs becomes a very strong new identification that oversees all of the other beliefs. You have superimposed layers of personal beliefs over what is in fact consciousness alone. It has nothing to do with a personal entity.And yet, we literally fight to maintain the very individual existence which is the cause of our bondage and suffering. But the truth is that we do not exist as an individual any more than a mirage in the desert has water. It is due to a combination of circumstances only.

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