Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sundance Burke - I ran into a fellow

Absolutely, I am Peace, Love, Joy and Wisdom. While on earth, I ran into a fellow who said that his name was Mind. He told me all about himself, while I listened intently. He had so many ideas about himself that his story became quite fascinating. By giving Mind my full attention, I felt a strong sense of his existence. He told me that he was different from others. He said that he felt alienated from life. He said that he often felt lost and that he was afraid of dying. He said that he was unable to avoid suffering. He told me about his desires for a true happiness and fulfillment. He told me about all of his accomplishments and failures. He went on and on and on and on. At once, I realized that he couldn’t stop talking or he’d cease to be who he thought he was. Pity.

Sundance Burke

~ Awake Spirit Teachings, Author of Free Spirit, Non-dual Spiritual Mentor ~

Awake Spirit Teachings speak as freedom, which is our Consciousness, the sweet essence of our lives. The freedom spoken here is an inner knowing. We cannot realize this liberation by catering to our bodies, emotions or minds. No, this freedom is spiritual; an altitude of perception that only arises when we are lighter than our surroundings.

We can realize this lightness of being if we are willing to abide as Awareness and let go of the ego, the one who suffers mind. For this enlightenment to happen, a quiet mind is all we need. Why do anything for this, when only our stillness will suffice. Be silent, be still, be free.

    For those of us who desire to be free of the mind-made self and its delusions, Sundance Burke takes us by the hand and walks with us through the entire landscape of the egoic mind, until we reach its outer boundary. Here, he invites us to take a leap of Self-faith into simply being Awareness. Will we survive?
Sundance says: “Who you think you are will not survive and who you are is never threatened. However, only by the leap can this be realized. Truly, all you surrender is your suffering and Now is the time. I invite you to be who you really are.”

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